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Celeste R.: "This was such an amazing trip! This was perfect--an exciting route, scenic vistas, frequent stops for espresso and/or gelato, sightseeing, and so much delicious food and wine. My face literally hurt from smiling. Knowing that Marco Moto had already arranged charming hotels and restaurants each day allowed us to just focus on relaxing, dining, and soaking in the Italian countryside. I highly recommend this adventure!"

John G.: "Marco and Lily put a lot of time and research into their tours ensuring great food and lodging each and every day. Their tour covered the essentials as promised and everything was authentic to boot. Highly recommended!"

Krystin Y.: "Marco and Lily took us on an adventure of a lifetime!!! It was perfect! The scenery,hotels,food,wine, EVERYTHING!!! I would highly recommend this tour to all! 5 stars!"

Albert F.: "What an outstanding vacation! Our tour guides, Marco and Lily covered it all - great scenery, great food, great places to stay - they even managed perfect weather somehow. The best combination of touring and relaxing - sightseeing vacation I have ever been on. Not a ton of miles on the road, but somehow we saw so much of Italy."

Laura B.: "This was truly an amazing trip. The moment I read the itinerary, I knew I had to be a part of this trip. Lily and Marco had all the details covered. I can say I wouldn't have wanted to tour the countrysides of Italy any other way. 
The various places we stayed at were all so unique and accommodating, they're filled with charm and fabulous views. 
Oh, but let me not forget about the food! We were always served delicious regional specialties! There was fresh homemade pasta, fresh local seafood, meats, cheeses, and of course.. wine!! 
The group was so awesome. Overall, Lily and Marco spared no efforts to make this an extraordinary Italian adventure."

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